Services That Make Relocation a Breeze for Older Adults


Relocating can feel a bit like standing at the foot of a tall, steep mountain trying to figure out how to get over to the other side. A move is essentially the transfer of belongings from one point to another. In reality, though, moving as a senior involves challenges that poke at your emotional soft spots, especially if you've been living in your current home your entire life. Fortunately, senior moving services can help you sort through these difficulties, offering the assistance you need, whether you rent-to-own a smaller home or a care facility. ​Here's what a senior move manager can bring to the table.

Comprehensive Move Management


A senior moving service's primary role in your relocation is to get you organized. Most downsizing professionals will help you create a plan for sorting out your belongings and coordinate the process of moving your possessions from one place to another.​


There are more things in your home that aren’t necessary or can cause trouble when relocating than you might realize. Still, making up your mind and sorting through your belongings can be a very tiring process. Basically, a senior move manager can help you get rid of stuff you no longer need and keep only precious and necessary items.


No Financial Exploitation


A benefit you get from working with a senior move manager is eliminating the risk of being financially exploited. Many financial scams target the elderly, which can be devastating, leaving them vulnerable and often without the resources to recoup their losses. Having to look for different professionals — like contractors and movers — to organize your moving ‘team’ can increase this risk. However, working with a manager who comes with the right contacts for the various tasks involved minimizes it. To ensure you don't go over budget, find a reputable senior moving expert you can trust to facilitate the whole process.


Emotional Support


It's the role of senior move managers to guarantee no stressful moments throughout the process, which will really reduce any anxiety that comes with the transition. In many cases, they even provide you and your family with emotional support, on top of the heavy lifting. However, a senior move manager should still take your opinions and preferences in mind so you remain in control yet fully supported in your move.


Settling In


While a senior move manager can certainly help with various aspects of your downsizing efforts, it’s also a good idea to work with a real estate professional to sell your home and as you look for a smaller and more accessible home to buy or rent at this stage of your life. Adams Home Solutions can help you from start to finish, taking into consideration your budget and financial capacity, needs, and more.


Before you settle in, you will likely need to make an improvement or two. One of the first things worth doing is changing the locks. Your senior move manager may be able to facilitate this, but it’s also easy enough to do a search for a 'locksmith in my area' online. Make sure to read contractor reviews, testimonials, and rates before you hire a professional. Better yet, check if a locksmith is bonded and provides a job warranty. It will cost around $50 to $150 to re-key your locks.


Senior moving services help seniors and their families with the relocation process, both physically and emotionally. But before you dive deep into the relocation process, reach out to Adams Home Solutions if you’re looking to sell and buy or rent-to-own a new home. Call (513) 440-5001 for more information.